artisan bread buckwheat Ciabatta Sourdough

Message from the owner

Ahmad F

Our Sourdough bread may be small in size, but it packs a big punch of flavor with a blend of flours. We use high protein all-purpose Bread Flour and stone-milled whole wheat, which impart a hearty, wholesome taste and a unique texture with lots of air pockets, giving the bread a beautiful color.

Like all our Sourdough Breads, we start with a long-established starter that is almost 235 years old. We feed it fresh flour and water daily and then mix it with fresh flour and water to form the dough. The dough is gently stretched and turned by hand on our baker’s bench until it is fully developed and shaped. Each loaf is handled with care and love and is scored with personalized patterns. We let the dough rest at intervals to allow it to develop the gluten strands necessary for structure during proofing and baking, without over-mixing or oxidizing the dough. This ferments overnight, and in the morning we start baking. We let it cool for a couple of hours and then hand-slice it as per your needs. Our bread has a natural taste, made only with flour, water, and salt. You can enjoy it with butter, or jam, paired with soups and stews, as a sandwich or grilled cheese, or anything of your choice


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