Crumbs The Bakers

Baking with passion

We are a home baker based out of Johar Town, Lahore. We developed an interest in Sourdough bread baking during pandemic. Let’s talk about What’s so special about our sourdough:

Each loaf of bread produced is a result of hours of handicraft.

We use high-protein flour to make our

All our breads are made using a starter (a fermented mix of flour and water that helps the bread rise).

There is no added sugar or oil present in the bread as we intend to keep our bread purely starter based, however, we do offer our bread in different flavors. We do not use baker’s yeast.

Why sourdough bread is one of the healthiest bread:

  • Natural Fermentation
  • More nutritious than regular bread
  • Easier to digest
  • The lactic acid in sourdough bread helps the body absorb more nutritious

we do offer B2B pricing

email us at crumbsthebakers@gmail.com