Sourdough Bread in Lahore Pakistan

We specialize in Sourdough bread in Lahore, we use high protein flour, NoBakersYeast, No Oil, No Sugar added.

Sourdough Bread contrasts from most bread in that it contains no baker’s yeast, depending instead on a fermented “starter” of water and flour to provide lift. This moreover gives it a sour flavor and chewy surface. Sourdough is fascinating because it’s a marriage between yeast and bacteria. There is a difference between the bread found in a typical supermarket and the yeast you find in sourdough bread. Normal bread is made of baker’s yeast or saccharomyces cerevisiae.

What’s special about this? The process of fermentation causes the production of CO2 inside the loaf causing the loaf to fluff up and a vinegar-like by-product is produced which causes the sour taste in sourdough which we all love.

The starter is a self-sustaining fermentation of flour, water, wild yeasts, and bacteria that produce lactic and acetic acids. These bacteria are healthy and help with your digestion.

Sourdough bread can be produced anywhere in the world, with the bacteria-created yeast, sometimes natural leavened bread isn’t specifically all that sour and much milder flavor depending upon how much you are fermenting it. At Foodhorizon we started to develop an interest in the science of sourdough culture. It was all trying to get back to what bread-making has been for thousands of years.

The Starter is taking water and flour and you are making a medium for the microorganisms that are in the air we are breathing. We can take a little piece of that bread dough, mix that into a new dough and that dough starts rising, the bacteria and yeasts are doing the job of consuming the starch producing gas for the bread to rise and this is fermentation. It is the form of making food more nutritious and more digestible

Our focus is on beneficial bacteria we find in food and in our gastrointestinal tracts and our particular interest in a group of organisms called lactic acid bacteria which are essential for many fermented plants and dairy foods. Fermented food is the result of extensive microbial growth. Similar to when we eat yogurt, or when eating a product made by bacteria that probably still contains a high amount of living bacteria that are perfectly harmless and sometimes even helpful.

It can consume the sugars in the dough for growth that’s different from the yeast you find in sourdough bread. Yeast is dependent on the bacteria you find in the bread lactobacillus san fran’s census to consume the sugar, its bit part of it back out and that’s what allows the yeast to grow this lactobacillus species. It is only found in sourdoughs nowhere else like other lactic acid bacteria produce organic acids as a result of its growth, this particular organ produces a lot of acetic acids which is vinegar acid that acid gives the bread a very sour taste.

Multigrain Sourdough Bread

No Baker’s yeast

Our bread is purely a sourdough starter (a fermented mixture of flour and water to give the bread rise) based. We do not use any kind of bakers yeast in our bread

No Preservatives

Our bread is always fresh without any added preservatives. It is meant to be enjoyed within a week to ensure perfect flavor and texture.

Just water, salt and flour

The main ingredients of our bread are as simple and minimal as water, salt, and flour. However, we do offer our bread in different flavors.

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